Testimonials ✿

“I have been seeing Jacqueline with some health issues for a couple of years now. I find her incredibly easy to talk to. She takes the time to really listen and works with me to understand my symptoms and issues. Mine have been an under active thyroid and menopause. My GP could only suggest HRT for menopause (which I didn’t want to take). I am happy to say that by taking the tonic that Jacqueline prepares for me I haven’t needed to go on HRT and my overall health has improved dramatically.”

Colleen Smith, Mulboo
“There is something different in Jacqueline Dekoke which places her at the top of the best in healers.  I had seen many medical practitioners of different specialties and none of them had ever been able to pinpoint my problem(s) in spite of my slow yet steady decline. They were all unable to do for me what needed to be done to restore me to health and I was forever dismissed, everyone telling me it was all in my mind. When I met Jacqueline I realised as I explained my problems that she had a special power to store them in a radial fashion. Jacqueline’s understanding energy acknowledged that my problems were actually real. I remember some five years ago when we first met I couldn’t believe the amount of attention and dedicated interest Jacqueline took on my case. For the first time in my life I felt truly taken care of.  Jacqueline was seriously compassionate yet she kept a playful attitude that put me at ease, gave me confidence things would get better and my body would respond to treatment.
Her level of interest in my medical concerns and ailments has never decreased and I continue to be amazed at the way she retains and compartmentalises every intricate detail and she carefully arranges it into place like a jigsaw puzzle falling into place like magic. (I am taking a lovely deep breath of relief as I write these words.)
Jacqueline is a holistic healer, she is intuitive and funny, she is clever, she is warm and kind and gentle, and she takes her job very seriously.  She is accepting and deeply understanding.  She will never judge your behaviour and she will never be disappointed if you don’t live up the dream you set out to accomplish. She will just reassure you, dust you off and help you to try again. This is Jacqueline Dekoke, a master healer par excellence.”

Claudia Lloyd-West, Artist