Kinesiology Counselling ✿

Do you want to live an empowered vibrant and fulfilled life? What is stopping you? If you woke up tomorrow and it was a perfect world what would it look like for you? I believe that life is a journey of attracting what we need to learn. Any emotion we experience is a reflection of a trauma that has been created at an earlier time.

To clear limiting beliefs and emotions that hold us back means to be free to be who we truly are… beautiful expressive loving beings full of joy and happiness.

Do you want to live your life continuing to feel guilt, resentment and blame? Continuing to attract the same situations, stuck in a cycle of wanting to change but not knowing how?
I work with people every day who want to make positive changes in their life. They are of all ages and have different backgrounds and different issues. We work together to clear self sabotaging beliefs so they can live their life of dreams.

Why not just have counselling?

It can be a long process of years through normal counselling to make changes. Our stressful patterns get stored in our subconscious, which is 90% of our brain. So even though we really want to change our conscious brain is only 10% so we are working against past patterns of childhood and traumatic situations that block us from moving forward.

Kinesiology is effective and fast moving

Through kinesiology I can identify the change that needs to occur and clear the belief that is causing the problem or preventing you from improving your life.

Kinesiology is a non invasive biofeedback muscle test that talks directly to the body and connects to the patterns that are being held onto.

What to expect in your first kinesiology session

We will first discuss your concerns and what you would like to achieve. We will identify the changes you would like to make in your life, goals you would like to set, gain an understanding of the blockages in the way. Through supportive listening you can feel safe to talk about your deepest fears.

I will then use kinesiology to identify the underlying issue and emotions associated with it. It is empowering to discover your emotional patterns from your past and realise it doesn’t need to continue. I will then utilise a variety of supportive exercises to actively bring about positive change.

At the end of your session you will be given a treatment plan to take home and continue empowering yourself.

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